7-8PM £5 / session (Paid Termly)

Whether you are a regular club player or completely new to tennis, our adult coaching sessions accommodate the needs of any adult tennis player.

Adult coaching is a great way to sharpen your tennis skills. You’ll learn to play points and how to improve your shots. As a newcomer it’s a great way to meet players of a similar ability and it’s often the best place to start as a new or prospective member of the club.

What is a typical class like?

You will be lead through a 60 minute class consisting of warm up, drills and points.

  • Warm up - Hit some easy shots to get started and get yourself warmed up!

  • Drills - Work on a combination of shots with the goal of improving a single aspect of your game.

  • Points - Put your shots into practice with fun games and matches.

Bring along your own racket if you have one. If not don’t worry as you might be able to borrow one from us! Wear comfortable sportswear and trainers.